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How Long to Cook Burgers on the George Foreman Grill? – BlogChef

Wondering how long to cook burgers on the George Foreman grill? The short answer is three to five minutes. But there’s more to making a delicious, juicy hamburger than cook time. Read on to find out exactly how to make the best burger with your George Foreman grill.

The beauty of the George Foreman grill is that it allows you to prepare your favorite BBQ meals inside. So rain, wind, and snow won’t keep you from burgers, grilled chicken, and hot dogs — assuming you learn how to translate BBQ cook times from the gas or charcoal grill to your electric grill inside.

If you’re a burger lover, the switch to indoor grilling might seem wrong somehow. It’s understandable. But there is an ingredient hack that’ll mimic that outdoor grill flavor. Master that plus the cook time for the perfect, juicy burger, and your charcoal grill may not seem that superior after all.

Burgers nutrition facts

A George Foreman grilled burger contains approximately 440 calories, 21 grams of fat and 35 grams of protein. The majority of the calories come from the burger patty, which is made from ground beef.

Grilling the burger on a George Foreman appliance can reduce some of the fat content, since the lid presses down on the meat and the angle of the grill allows the fat to drain off.

Making the best burgers on George Foreman grill

As with any grilled recipe, it takes skill and knowledge to create delicious results. And cooking on the George Foreman grill is no exception. So, it helps to understand the principles for making the best patties before tossing them onto your electric grill.

Selecting the ground beef

Most types of ground beef will make good burger patties, whether it’s sirloin, short ribs, chuck, or Kobe beef. You only need to follow two rules:

  • Higher quality meat makes for a better burger. Try grass-fed beef. It is more expensive, but the flavor is delicious.
  • Choose meat with an 80%-20% lean-to-fat ratio. The 80/20 ratio is the best option for the perfectly balanced patty texture and structure. The patties will carry enough fat so your burger is juicy and not dry.

Seasoning the ground beef

Moderation is crucial when adding seasoning to ground beef. Purists stick to simple spice combinations, like black pepper and salt, with a dash of minced garlic.

Other options that work include parsley, minced shallots, onion powder, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and hot sauce. Plus, since the George Foreman grill is an indoor electric appliance, a few drops of liquid smoke will add the charcoal taste you’d expect from the typical grill.

Also, when you’re mixing the spices, use a fork to mix it into the meat gently. Your warm hands will offset the fat in the ground beef.

Shaping the patties

Dividen the ground beef into equal sizes and gently form the patties with your fingers. You’ll want the patties to be around ½” to ¾” thick, about four to five inches in diameter. Use your thumb to make a small indentation in the middle of each burger.

How long to cook burgers on the George Foreman grill?

Most George Foreman contact grills take about five minutes to reach high heat, which is the level you’ll want to cook the burgers. And at such temperature, it’ll take around three to five minutes to cook the burgers if you’re cooking them to medium-rare. Medium burgers will need about four minutes, while well done will be fully cooked in five minutes. You’ll also want the top of the contact grill closed while you cook.

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